Upcoming Events

Grand Opening Web BannerWeekly Events

Mindful Meditation Practice – Every Sunday join us before service at NBO Center from 9:15 to 10am, with experienced facilitator Ken Reed who has taught Mindfulness & Meditation for over 30 years. Meditation can empower your life by connection you to your higher self and deeper wisdom.   Come expecting a shift in your life!!  Love Donation  

Course In Miracles Study Group – Every Monday from 7 to 8:30pm – Facilitated by an experienced teacher of Course in Miracles.  Thousands of lives have been transformed throughout the world by this profound Course!!   $7 Energy Exchange

Personal Numerology & Tarot Readings – Every Thursday from 11am to 4pm – Todd Curran, master numerologist and tarot reader will be offering personal appointments to bring clarity into your life about what purpose you came in with and answer life questions.   Call NBOC at 727-935-4891 to schedule your appointment.   $1 Per Minute

Angel Readings – Saturdays by Appointment Only – Michelle Glass, Medium, Reiki Master, Teacher and Lightworker will be offering personal appointments to connect you directly to your angels and guides through her Angels and Guides.   Call NBOC for an appointment at 727-935-4891.  $1.75 Per Minute

Beginning African Dance Movement – Every Thursday of the month.   The first Thursday from 6pm, the rest of the month from 6:30pm – facilitated by Kim Kennedy, African Dance Expert.    $10 Energy Exchange

Celebration of Light Drum Circle – Join us for the first and third Thursday each month for the high energy of our Celebration of Light drum circle held from 7:30 to 9:30pm.   Baaba Ray and experienced musicians will provide the beat to enliven our rhythmic spirit.   You can dance and drum in Celebration of the Full Moon!   Bring your drums, rattles, percussion instruments and an open heart.    Great fun for families and people of all ages.  Love Donation

Monthly Events

Empowering Lifestyles – Every first Wednesday of the month from 7 to 9pm.   Facilitated by Life Coach Sharon Kistler & Therapist Marlene Stovall.   It is an interactive group where you will be able to express and create real solutions for your life.   You can go from Surviving to Thriving by overcoming blocks and behavior that have disempowered you!  All are welcome! $10 Energy Exchange

Sacred Women’s Luncheon Circle – Join us the first Friday morning of each month from 11:30AM -1:30PM as we create a safe place to become our powerful authentic selves!  We will join with others on a spiritual journey to speak our truth, become teachers for each other and form deeper relationships.  The time has come for women to accept the responsibility for the planet.  Bring a friend & a dish to share.   $10 Energy Exchange

Amazing Woman of Tarpon Springs – Dates to be determined. Facilitated by Sharon Kistler, TAWO Founder & MaryLou Houllis, Spiritual Leader of NBOC.   Bring your friends and a goodie to share.  Come join us for an exciting night of inspiration, music, dancing and lots of surprises!  For more information call NBOC at 727-935-4891 or Shar Kistler at 77-687-5764  $10 Energy Exchange

Close Encounter & Extra-Dimensional Experiences – Every second Tuesday of the month from 7-9pm – facilitated by Caryl Dennis and Rita Milios. Have you experienced a “Close Encounter”, Ghosts, UFOs, Contact with deceased loved ones, Inter-Dimensional Travel, Time Slips, etc?   Do you feel you have Cosmic Experiences with Extra-Dimensional Phenomena and wonder how they affect the lives of experiencers?  Join us as we discuss the many possibilities that can be.  $10 Energy Exchange

Women of Wisdom Circle Embracing The Divine Feminine the second Wednesday of the month – Facilitated by Kim Kennedy.   We are a collective of women committed to reawakening the knowledge of Women’s consciousness. We gather here to share within circles and gatherings, our rituals and ceremonies, our visions and dreams, and our songs, stories and experiences. Suggested $10  Energy Exchange

Aura Photography or Soul Contract Readings Howard Minton will offer aura photographys & channeled readings or a Soul Contract reading the first and third Wednesday of every month.  Your aura photograph will reveal information about how you are functioning in your mental, physical and spiritual emotional life.  If you choose you can have a soul contract reading which is an in depth channelled system of spiritual interpretations that will empower you by decoding the secrets of the blueprint of your life hidden within your birth name. Energy Exchange $40 for either

Passion 4 Pets – Animal lovers please join us the third Saturday of every month from 10-12PM for our animal lovers group! We will have experts to teach us about animal communication, reiki, acupuncture, holistic care and much more for our beloved pets! These meetings are for pet owners. In the future we may have meetings were your pet can come along.  This month the meeting will focus on communication with our animals. Energy Exchange: $10.00

Reiki Share and Exchange The third Saturday of every month from 12-3PM.  All Reiki practitioners and people who want to experience Reiki healing.  Facilitated by Michelle Glass and Richard Force.  Energy Exchange $5.00

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